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Top 11 Etsy ideas for an Etsy shop

Best Etsy ideas for Etsy makers


Etsy is a great marketplace for selling handmade products.

ideas Etsy

And it’s highly popular.


It’s ideal for independent creators who want to try a hand at building their own businesses without having to spend too much on marketing and promotions.


Perhaps, you are passionate about creating unique artsy products and are considering setting up an Etsy shop. But you are agitated, nervous, and a bit unsure.


You don’t know if it’s worth it. You can’t figure out what to sell on Etsy. Should you go original or stick to something with a track record of selling well on this platform? All these questions bother all independent creators as they take the first plunge into the world of online buying and selling!


Hello there. If you are an entrepreneur looking to sell your products on Etsy and are confused about what Etsy shop idea to pick up, worry not because you’ve come to the right place!


We will run you through the whole process of finding great ideas for setting up your Etsy shop and finding the right niche of products to sell.


Deciding your product lineup is the most important part of your Etsy business. You might create the most unique and innovative pieces, but if your items don’t have a demand in the Etsy marketplace, it’s not going to help.


Finding the right Etsy shop ideas is a combination of many factors – demand, market trends, creativity quotient, utility, USP of your products, etc. In this post, we will give you an exhaustive list of the top 11 ideas for setting up an Etsy store.


We’ll explain in detail why each of these ideas works well and how you can capitalize on the strengths of the Etsy marketplace to strengthen your brand.


But before that, let’s dive into the process of choosing the best shop ideas for your Etsy business and give you some valuable tips!


How to choose the best ideas for your Etsy shop


There is no sure-shot formula for choosing the best ideas for your Etsy shop.


It’s a bit of objectivity and a bit of intuition. As you gain experience, you automatically figure out what works for you and what doesn’t.


The journey of every Etsy entrepreneur is different. But there are a few points you must keep in mind while choosing ideas for your Etsy store.


1.    Turn your passion into an Idea


It’s the easiest way to figure out the right Etsy shop idea.


Discover what you are good at, and then start creating products in that niche.


If you are an excellent visual artist, perhaps creating wall artwork could be your thing. Or let’s say you have a keen eye for great fabric, you could make your Etsy business around the idea of selling customized clothing.


Or perhaps, you are a diehard dog lover. You could maybe think of starting an Etsy shop selling dog accessories.


The list of awesome stuff you can sell on this platform is endless. But the first step is to determine what you are good at and then create a viable product line.



2.       Find out what sells well on Etsy

The next step is to do your bit of research and find out what already sells well on Etsy.

 It’s good to create original stuff, but you don’t want to waste your time on making something that doesn’t have a market. Look for products and niches with a strong demand. There has to be an existing customer base willing to buy your products. That’s why you are there on Etsy- to sell.

You could use various tools to look for great Etsy shop ideas. To begin with, use Google Trends to get some great shop ideas for your Etsy store.

All you got to do is key in your query. The Google Trends tool would analyze your query and provide you with stats on search volume, region wise popularity, and would also give you suggestions of related terms to help you figure out if your Etsy shop ideas are in trend.

You could also use the Etsy search engine to find what sells well. You could use both simple keywords and long-tail keywords for your search and then compare the results and see what works best for you.

Yet another innovative way to find out about popular products on Etsy is by keeping track of trending hashtags on social media platforms like Pinterest and Instagram. They can offer a wealth of information.


3.     Put your unique spin on it

Creating a copycat version of popular Etsy items won’t help your cause!

Now that you know what sells well, it’s time to give your own unique spin to it and create a distinct product.

Maybe you could add some element to the product that’s missing in the current lot of products. For example, if you want to sell artsy mugs, you could look at creating something exclusively for travel enthusiasts or music lovers. That could be your unique spin.

In other words, you must create a unique business in a niche that’s already successful.

Every market has enough potential for experimentation and creativity. You just have to find the right market for your Etsy business.



4.     Your Etsy shop brand should have a Uniform Brand Image

If you try to sell too many different kinds of products, your customer will be confused.

Offer variety for sure but keep the branding uniform. For example, if you are an Etsy seller specializing in party supplies, stick to that. Don’t try to club together different kinds of items from multiple niches. The idea is tempting, especially for a beginner. You might think offering such a wide variety will boost sales but it might backfire.

If you look at the Etsy algorithm, many best-selling stores are the ones that keep it simple and stick to one area of specialization.

You must keep this in mind while choosing the right Etsy shop idea.


Top 11 Ideas for Etsy Shop Products



1.    Personalized Jewelry

Etsy idea - jewellery


  Personalized jewelry remains one of the most evergreen popular items on Etsy.


There is always good demand for unique jewelry pieces with that distinct touch of personalization.


From elegant custom name bracelets to customized jewelry depicting the skyline of famous world cities, there are so many ideas to take inspiration from.


Personalized jewelry remains one of the most sought-after items for gifts. People love gifting something contemporary, classy, and gorgeous on occasions like weddings and Mother’s Day.


Moreover, customized handmade jewelry has an edge over store-made pieces. Customers are always looking for unique handmade pieces on a platform like Etsy.


Thus, creating personalized jewelry is a great store idea, to begin with, if you are starting your entrepreneurial journey on this platform.


Use various keywords related to personalized jewelry and handmade jewelry on the Etsy search engine and you’ll get a fairly good idea of the kind of items that sell well in this niche.




2.    Wall Art


Almost everything sold on Etsy has some element of art.


From t-shirts to mugs to custom cutlery sets, everything being sold on this platform has a unique artsy spin.


If you are a talented artist, creating unique wall art is one of the best ideas for setting up an Etsy shop.


The term ‘Wall Art’ produces almost 16 million search results on Etsy. It’s a great niche to start with and has a lot of scope for growth.


Wall art is a great item for all kinds of gifts including Christmas Gifts, New Year Gifts, Housewarming Gifts, etc. It’s a popular item for selling all year round.


Abstract canvas wall art is one of the most popular categories of wall art on this platform. People look for something slick, stylish, and minimalistic these days that gives a contemporary vibe to their living spaces.


There are plenty of wall art ideas to choose from including vintage wall art, customized wall art with inspirational quotes, etc.


You can also experiment with different materials and textures to create unique wall art pieces such as woodcraft, basket wall decor, Tempered Glass Wall Art, Moss Wall Art, etc.


Creating customizable wall art pieces is one of the best online shop ideas if you are a passionate artist or a craftsperson.


The best part is you can sell this kind of art both as hard copies and digital prints



3.    Craft Supplies


It’s one of the most wildly popular products to sell on your Etsy shop.


People like to experiment with things and create craft pieces. You could earn a living by supplying them with different kinds of craft material.


The term ‘Craft Supplies’ generates more than 17 million search results on Etsy. People love to try their hand at different kinds of arts and crafts during holidays which makes it one of the most sought-after Etsy gifts.


You can sell many items under this category such as


  • different kinds of artsy stationery supplies
  • handmade paper
  • decorative lace sets
  • jewelry making DIY kits
  • cutout shapes
  • Yarn
  • Paint
  • bookbinding tools
  • wood carving tools
  • sewing machine accessories
  • pottery starter kits


It’s a highly profitable niche since many customers prefer buying items in bulk. Also, you don’t need to be an artist yourself to sell products in this niche. All you need is a sharp business sense to source unique items that are in demand.


You have to be more business-minded than craftsy to make a good profit in this niche. You got to make sure you have enough stock during the holiday season. Also, you need to do your maths right and offer customized gift bundles for special occasions to boost sales.


 Check out our article on The Best 14 Etsy gift ideas & How to login on Etsy

4.    Customized baby clothing

Etsy ideas- baby clothing

Baby products are in great demand on Etsy.


Selling customized baby clothing on this platform is one of the best ways to grow your business and make a decent profit.


Who doesn’t like dressing up their baby in unique adorable outfits featuring cute artworks and quotes. The easiest way to start selling baby clothing is by making personalized baby t-shirts with cute quotes and designs.


If you have advanced sewing skills, there is no better business option than making and selling handmade baby clothes with natural fibers. Remember that the choice of fabric is most important when you make baby clothing. It has to be super soft and not irritate their delicate skin.


Some great product Etsy ideas for baby clothing are


  • custom photo baby bodysuits
  • personalized name blankets
  • custom beanies for babies
  • customized baby girl outfits
  • hats for baby
  • personalized baby bathrobes


Baby clothing is a great category to sell products online, but creating such clothing must follow several strict guidelines and regulations. You must go for this niche only if you have the right skills and expertise.



5.    Journals & Planners


These are the easiest items to start with if you want to start your independent Etsy business.


Journals and planners are utility products used by all kinds of customers. You can create these around various themes and customize them to add a unique and distinct flavor.


There are many great ideas to choose from in this niche. You can create


  • custom daily planners
  • custom birth month journals
  • digital planners
  • personalized leather planners
  • self-care planners


 You could curate the journals around specific themes like motivation, personal development, dream manifestation, visualization, etc. It would add a distinctive aura to the products and make them more appealing to customers.


It’s the easiest niche to start with. You don’t need any specific expertise. All you require is a good aesthetic sense and an eye for design. You can make these items easily using various digital designing tools like Adobe Photoshop and Canva.


The best part is you can sell these items both as a hard copy and a digital product. If you sell them as printables, it saves you the hassle of the logistics of printing and transport. Even though digital prints are priced quite low, the profit margin is huge because the expenditure involved is minimal, and thousands of people can buy the same digital download.


6.    Accessories


Accessories are one of the top-selling products on Etsy.


One of the best Etsy shop ideas is to choose a specific niche in this domain and create specific accessories. For example, you could specialize in


  • accessories for women
  • fashion accessories
  • accessories for men
  • accessories for baby
  • travel accessories
  • customized accessories for brides
  • car accessories
  • birthday gifts accessories


If you key in the term accessories in the Etsy search engine and check out the results, you will get a fair idea of the kinds of products that are popular on this platform.  


Fashion and women’s accessories are one of the most lucrative niches in this domain. You could make and sell personalized makeup bags and mirrors, hair accessories, customized eye masks, jewelry box gifts, customized bracelets, handmade hats, personalized bookmarks, cute custom keychains, ready-to-ship smile face coasters, etc.


It’s a vast niche and you have a lot of scope to be creative in what you make and sell. You need to constantly come up with new shop ideas for your products during the holiday season.

Accessories is a highly competitive niche so you need to make something unique to stand out. Also, you must keep in mind that the items you sell will be delicate so taking utmost care of packaging and transport is a must for niche.


7.    Home Decor Products

Etsy ideas - home decor

The search term home decor shows more than 26 million results on the Etsy search engine.


It’s one of the most profitable niches in this marketplace, although it’s a vast niche, and you must find your unique foothold.


Items like calendars, wallpapers, and photo books are great to start. They give you the scope to offer a unique personalized experience to your customers without having to keep a tab on all home decor trends.


There are so many shop ideas to choose from in this domain. You could make and sell


  • handmade home decor rugs
  • custom wall art
  • craftsy wall hangings
  • personalized family signs
  • vintage posters
  • custom pet portraits
  • handmade bookshelves
  • crystal artifacts
  • personalized kitchen signs
  • customizable candles
  • basket wall decor


Home decor is a highly lucrative domain for selling items online, However, you must keep in mind that it’s a vast domain; you need to find your specialization.


For example, if you are making wooden art decor products, that must be your main focus area. You should create several utility products and exciting gifts using that craft form. But stick to that one style. If you confuse the customers with too many different kinds of products, your brand recall value will suffer.


There is a lot of scope for selling digital prints as well in the home decor category.


8.    Custom t-shirts


Customized clothing is one of the safest Etsy shop ideas.


People love clothes, and they love them even more if they come with unique personalized quotes and designs.


A lovingly handmade t-shirt they bought on Etsy has far more value for them than all the typical assembly line clothing they usually buy.


It’s the perfect Etsy shop idea for those with a graphic design background. Whether you have a funny bone or want to say something deep and emotional using the visual medium, a custom t-shirt is your perfect canvas!


It’s one of the best shop ideas for Etsy if you are just starting. Selling custom t-shirts is a great product idea for a small business. The product lineup is simple. You just offer different kinds of custom t-shirts with appealing designs and quotes. It’s all about your creativity.


9.    Custom mugs


You might find it hard to believe, but you can make money online with an Etsy shop that focuses solely on selling custom mugs!


You could set up an Etsy shop by selling custom mugs for different occasions – Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, engagements, weddings, housewarming celebrations, etc.


Mugs are such a simple, and yet, unique and sought-after item on Etsy because who doesn’t love to own a couple of gorgeous, personalized mugs reflecting their personality, style, and aura?


The best part about this product is that they are always in demand. Even if you don’t have a specific theme in mind and randomly curate a selection of custom mugs with funny designs and quotes, you will still find ample buyers.


It’s the perfect Etsy shop idea for someone with a creative flair and a graphic design background. It is one area where the more creative you are, the more money you can make!


Come up with unique artwork and art-of-the-box quotes that people will love, and your custom mugs are ready to rock the Etsy world!


10.                      Printables & Downloads

Etsy ideas- printables

 The easiest way to earn on Etsy with minimal investments is to sell items that can be downloaded and printed by the users.


All you need is a solid graphic design background, and you are good to go. You can sell a wide range of creative products, and the customer just needs to take out prints. It’s one of the best online shop ideas to sell products in bulk with minimal cost.


There are so many ideas for selling printable products. You could make and sell


  • Digital Planners
  • Printable cards for various occasions like Birthdays, Wedding Anniversary, Father’s Day, Mother’s Day, etc.
  • Clipart
  • E-books & guides
  • Printable wall art
  • Font bundles
  • E-planners
  • Printable DIY stickers
  • Printable calendars
  • Printable notebooks and journals


Creating printables and downloads is a great online business for independent creators and solopreneurs.


Since you are selling downloads, there is no hassle of transportation and logistics. The products are extremely low priced, but since you sell in bulk, you can make good profits with time.

11.                   Personal Care Products


Personal care products are popular in all online marketplaces.


Selling these is the perfect way to start an Etsy shop and test the waters.


The personal care collection features a lot of organic premium skincare, wellness, and beauty products. And they sell well because who doesn’t like a good pampering session?


Some ideas for personalized care products are


  • Beauty & wellness gift boxes
  • Homemade soaps, bath bombs, and shower gels
  • Candles
  • Self-Care kits
  • Organic Spa Gift Sets
  • Homemade DIY skincare products
  • Postpartum Care Packages
  • Self-care clothing
  • Organic makeup



It’s a highly specialized niche so it might not be for everyone. But if you are passionate about all things organic and sustainable, this might be just the thing for you.

Wrapping up


There are many great ideas for sellers in the Etsy marketplace – be it ideas related to craft, clothing, design, self-care, wellness, home decor, or any other domain.


What you choose ultimately depends on your passion and expertise.


Contrary to popular perception, Etsy isn’t only for artsy people. A lot of daily-use products and accessories are also sold on this platform that doesn’t require a high degree of artistic expertise to make.


Selling on this platform is all about creativity combined with a sharp business sense. If you are a smart entrepreneur, you can also hire artists and craftspersons to do the work for you and start your online business.


Etsy provides great opportunities for professionals from various fields to set up an online store and scale up their income. For writers, photographers, and graphic designers, it’s a great platform for all kinds of creative entrepreneurs.


We gave you a hands-on guide to choosing the right ideas for your Etsy store. Our exhaustive list of the top 11 shop ideas for this platform must have given you a fairly clear idea of what kind of stuff you can sell in this online marketplace.


Ultimately, selling well online boils down to how much value and innovation you add to your products. 

You are not making or selling something completely out of the blue. The ideas are already there; the unique spin you give to your products and the add ons you provide are what give your business the required edge.


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