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14 Unique Etsy Gift Ideas

Top Etsy Gift Ideas – Etsy Gifts for Everyone!

Stock gifts are easy to find, but they don’t impress everyone.


If you are looking for a unique gift for a loved one or a special friend, something customized and handmade would do the trick.


Etsy is a great marketplace for buying unique, personalized, and out-of-the-box presents for people close to your heart. It’s a creative platform that supports independent artists, designers, craftspersons, and entrepreneurs of all kinds. You can find here the quirkiest and the whackiest of gift items.

Etsy gift ideas

Etsy is a great marketplace for buying conceptual products – you have the craziest of products curated around specific themes. Whether you are looking for minimalist jewelry, quirky souvenirs inspired by literature, or unique party and wedding gifts, Etsy has something for everyone.


Hello there! If you are confused about how to go through the process of hunting the vast Etsy marketplace for that perfect gift item, worry not. You have come to the right place! We would provide you a step-by-step Etsy gift guide and a well-curated list of unique gift ideas.


By gifting Etsy handmade products to your loved ones, you are also supporting independent artists and craftspersons, many of whom are women and belong to a minority community. 

You are thus supporting an eco-friendly and sustainable initiative that gives livelihood to so many people.


Etsy has unique gifts for everyone – whether you want to buy something special for your father, mother, boyfriend, girlfriend, or best friend or invest in something cute and fun to gift a baby.


In this post, we will run you through the top 14 best ideas for Etsy gifts and guide you through the process. Most of the items we suggest are reasonably priced and well within your budget.


But before that, let’s take a look at the process of choosing the right Etsy gift.


 How to choose the best ideas for the right Etsy gift


●      Determine your budget  


Your budget is the most important criterion in deciding what to buy as a present. Etsy is a treasure trove of unique handmade, custom, and vintage items in all price ranges. You must decide a threshold for the maximum you can spend and then look for unique gift ideas accordingly.


●      Whom do you want to buy for


It’s the second most important criterion in choosing the right Etsy gift. For whom do you want to buy the present and for what occasion? Etsy has customized gift ideas for all occasions – Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Christmas, Valentine’s Day, etc. The kind of product to buy depends a lot on whom are you buying it for.


●      Creative taste of the person you are buying it for


Every individual has a unique creative taste. Some people will like outspoken souvenirs with loud and bright colors. Others would prefer something minimalistic and understated. Some would rejoice at the sight of intricate and complex designs whereas others would prefer something simpler and sober. You must take into account the distinct creative taste of the person for whom the present is meant before choosing something from Etsy.


●      Know their hobbies


Etsy is a treasure trove of gift items related to specific hobbies such as pottery starter kits, customized writing notebooks, handmade drawing and design books, gardening kits, etc. If you present something to your loved one that they can practically use to practice their hobby, they are surely going to appreciate it!


●      Put some thought into it


Lastly, you should put some thought into choosing the right Etsy present for your loved one. Don’t just go by what is trending; think about what appeals to your loved one and then add your own unique spin.


Top 14 Ideas for Etsy Gifts list


1.    CaitlynMinimalist Custom City Ring

Etsy Gift idea - ring
Etsy Gift idea – ring

CaitlynMinimalist is one of the best Etsy shops that excel in creating unique signature jewelry pieces with a high degree of innovation, craftsmanship, and creativity.


Each jewelry piece has a story to tell, and when you buy from this shop, you can be sure of getting something with a soul.


The Custom City Ring is one of their most popular products. The specialty of this ring is its design portrays the essence of your hometown. So you can order a ring picturing the New York City skyline! You can select your favorite city from the list and order accordingly.


The great thing is they feature not just American cities but many famous world cities like Paris, Tokyo, Madrid, Shanghai, etc.


This out-of-the-box ring is the perfect gift for that special someone and would make them fall in love with their hometown all over again!


It would add an element of suspense to the whole process of gifting your girlfriend/boyfriend or crush and add a sweet element of suspense to the whole process.


If you are feeling blue, this is the perfect present you can give to yourself as well!


It’s currently priced at 22.05 dollars.



2.    Mental-Health Self-Care Package by Joygiftbox

Etsy Gift idea 2 - Mental health package

This unique self-care package by the Joygiftbox shop is specially curated for women.


It’s a great friendship gift or even a surprise present to someone special in your life.


There is nothing that women love more than a nice pampering session with an assortment of bath salts, aromatherapy oil, delicately crafted handmade soaps, and scented candles. Sounds like a woman’s heaven, doesn’t it? This self-care box is precisely that.


It’s available in four different scintillating scents of lavender, floral, vanilla, and oatmeal honey. This package also comes with a personalized message you can order for your loved one.


This unique self-care kit has stellar reviews and it comes for 39.20 dollars.


3.    HuginaMug Gift Set by StacieKearnsArt

Etsy Gift idea 3 - hug in a mug

This cute Hug in a Mug gift set is surely going to warm the heart of your friends or family who receive this present from you.


It looks deceptively simple but its heartfelt simplicity makes it so endearing.


Sometimes, a friend who is feeling blue or a family member who has just gotten out of a major mishap doesn’t need anything elaborate or fancy but a simple gift that reassures them you will be always there by their side. This elegant mug featuring the ‘hug in a mug’ slogan does exactly that.


This set comes with a beautiful greeting card that says ‘Sending you a Big Warm Hug’. Along with this, you can also ask them to create special messages for your loved ones by sharing the text.


This unique gift is sure to bring a smile to the face of your loved ones and take away all their blues as they sip their favorite hot chocolate.


It comes for 24.99 dollars.


4.    Calendar Keychain by CustomBuiltGifts

Etsy gifts keychain

Sometimes, your loved ones hugely appreciate a practical gift they can use in their day-to-day life.


From your side, going for a practical present shows them that you care about their life goals and aspirations.


This unique calendar keychain by the CustomBuiltGifts Shop is just the right thoughtful gift for your boyfriend, dad, or any other loved one.


It’s a beautiful and elegantly done keychain featuring a calendar. It makes for a pragmatic and sentimental gift as your boyfriend can literally keep track of the days of the year and realize how much he misses you all the time!


This stunning keychain comes in three styles and four colors – Silver, Gold, Rose Gold, and Black.


It’s currently available for 10.49 dollars.


The shop CustomBuiltGifts has an interesting collection of different kinds of keychains- Couple Keychains. Baby Arrival Keychains, Drive Safe Keychains, Father and Daughter Keychains, etc.


If you are looking for reasonably priced yet unique presents for your loved ones, this is just the place to check out.



5.    OllieandPenny Custom Dog Ears Sweatshirt

Etsy gift ideas- sweater

It is the perfect gift for dog lovers!


This quirky oversized sweatshirt is specially designed for dog moms; it features a gorgeous sketch of dog ears along with the name of their dogs.


It’s an adorable gift item for any of your female friends constantly reminding them of the priceless bond they share with their adorable dog.


This shirt comes in multiple colors – White, Black, Ash, Baby Blue, Dark Grey, Forest, Heather Maroon, Indigo, Olive, Navy, Sand, Sport Grey, and Light Pink.


For the dog ears design, you have two color options-black and white.


It’s currently available for 24.99 dollars.


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6.    31 Personalized Morse Code Bracelet Messages by 67Degrees


This unique morse code bracelet is a perfect gift idea.


The specialty of this product is that the bracelet comes with a message. They have a set of 31 messages you can choose from. If you order a bracelet, you  tell them what message you’d like to include. That’s how it works.


The messages range from lovey-dovey to motivational. Some of the messages they incorporate are ‘ I love you’, ‘ Strong and fearless’, ‘A new chapter’, ‘ I am enough’, ‘beautiful badass, ‘I am the storm’, ‘Blessed’, etc.


These unique creative messages make this a perfect gift for anyone and any occasion.


These beautiful handmade bracelets would come for 10.87 dollars.



7.    Solar Dandelion Light by LuminaOfLondonCo


This stunning Solar Dandelion Light is going to light up the home of your loved ones like a true diva!


It’s the perfect birthday gift for your mom, dad, or close friends.


The light looks beautiful and majestic and can be a great addition to anyone’s home backyard or garden.


It is the most thoughtful present your loved ones will appreciate; this light would be  handy while;e hosting those exciting garden parties and barbeques on pleasant nights.


These lights are meant only for outdoor use. They turn on at dusk automatically and then turn off after about 6 hours.


It’s a solar-powered light containing a built-in rechargeable battery and comes in two sizes – small and big.


The Solar Dandelion Light comes for 39.99 dollars.



8.    Family Name Metal Sign by MetalUnlimited


It is the kind of gift that is sure to bring a smile to the receiver’s face!


It’s the perfect housewarming gift for someone who has just bought a new home. They must be surely getting all sorts of presents, but you can bet this is the most thoughtful and unusual gift they would receive.


This metal monogram sign would have the receiver’s family name engraved in crisp easy-to-read block letters! If you choose to order this for friends who have recently bought a new home, make sure to order well in advance. They ship out about two weeks from the order date.


It comes in three primary colors – Black, Copper, and Brushed Steel, and you have many size options available.


The craftsmanship is exquisite, and this unique metal sign would give your home entrance a royal feel; the piece has a lot of character.


The price varies according to the size, but the base price of this item is about 39.95 dollars.



9.    Boho Butterflies Printable Art by CatzieDesign

Etsy gift idea printable art

This unique shop is an art and craft lover’s paradise!


They feature a range of eclectic printable art for home decor and living. And one of their best pieces is the Boho Butterflies Printable Art.


The mesmerizing and dreamy butterflies art, when printed and framed is surely going to brighten up your living room and equip it with wings of riotous color!


The look of this piece is very fairy tailish and girly so it’s an ideal present for a female friend or daughter.


This unique present will lift the spirits of your girlfriend or daughter and fill her heart with exuberance as she lovingly decorates her living room walls with this vintage piece.


This printable art comes at a reasonable price of 7.70 dollars.



10.                   Hot Sauce Gift Pack by DevilDogSaucesShop


There is a food lover lurking somewhere inside all of us!


A food or garnishing product is one of the best presents you can give to friends and family.


This shop is known for its innovative and quality sauces made out of the finest of ingredients that have been ethically sourced, and their final product doesn’t contain any preservatives. The Hot Sauce Gift Pack is one of their most popular products.


This gorgeous set contains five of their original sauces and the intensity ranges from mild to extra hot. These sauces come in 50 ml sample-size bottles.


It’s the perfect Christmas gift for your loved ones.


This product comes for 21.88 dollars.


11.                   Personalized Night Light for Baby by Artisanzia


This cute night light by Artisanzia shop is the perfect gift for a toddler or even adults with a childish streak!


It’s an innovative gift that will undoubtedly bring a smile to a child’s face. They would love to have it by their bedside each night.


This light consists of an acrylic board that’s printed with cool animal patterns. The modus operandi is simple. When the lights are turned on, the animal figure comes to light with a super comforting and soft radiance.


It’s a great present for your loved ones and is sure to light up their home.


This light comes in two sizes – small & medium, and you can choose from four animal patterns while ordering – Koala, Giraffe, Lion, and Fox.


The exact price of this light would depend on the size you purchase, but the base price is 21.74 dollars.




12.                   HouseWarming Gift by SweetBasilCo

etsy gift idea - house warming

It’s the perfect gift for anyone who has just moved into their new home and could do with some pampering and rejuvenation!


Living well is all about using sustainable products and giving it back to the environment. This gorgeous bundle of joy will surely rejuvenate the senses of your loved ones.


This set contains a Live Succulent in White Pot, a Natural Soap Bar, a Natural Preservatives Lotion, a Soy Candle with Matches, and a Vanilla Lip Balm. The gift set comes with a personalized message printed on the back of the card.


You have the option to select the Soapbar scent and the Lotion scent while ordering.


This cute home-warming set comes for 34.60 dollars.



13.                   3 Piece Framed Canvas Wall Art by SignWin


This beautiful and intriguing Sun Rays artwork is an ideal present for anyone who has bought a new home.


This three piece framed canvas is sure to brighten up the living room walls of your loved ones, bringing in new rays of hope, joy, and serenity.


The sober, neutral, and understated color palette makes it a suitable wall decoration for all kinds of living spaces.


Nothing replaces the charm of a creative handmade present that provides a touch of intimacy and bonding to the whole process of gifting.


The design and colors make this artwork set ideal for brightening up one’s living room.


The base price of this product is 44.99 dollars.



14.                   Wildflowers and Bees Embroidery Kit by CraftedbyJoyFourie


This stunning and cozy embroidery kit is the perfect present for anyone who loves to sew.


It’s one of the best holiday gifts for a curious soul who would like to try their hand at some embroidery.


The kit contains a gorgeous hoop picture of wildflowers and bumblebees that you need to sew. You also get a packet of high-quality wildflower seeds along with to grow in your garden while you enjoy sewing.


The kit contains a complete instruction manual with pictures that are easy to follow.


It’s a suitable present for your loved ones who have a basic degree of embroidery skills and want to improve further with practice.


Once the embroidery is completed, it can be the perfect cute little decor for the gift receiver’s home!


This kit comes for 29.22 dollars.


Wrapping Up


Gifting a loved one is a special and intimate gesture, one that should ideally involve a considerable amount of thought and sensitivity.


It’s not just about randomly picking up something trendy from a high street shop, getting it all jazzily wrapped up, and then gifting.


Buying handmade gifts from a marketplace like Esy makes you stand out from the crowd and makes your loved ones appreciate the amount of time and effort you put into planning the present.


The high street shops are full of expensive stock gift items. While it’s alright to go for these stock presents once in a while when you don’t have the time, they just don’t make the cut when it comes to people close to you.


These unique handmade gift ideas we suggested are just the perfect option for you whether you want to purchase HouseWarming Presents, Christmas Presents, Presents for Mom, Girlfriend Presents, or Presents for a Baby.


We made sure that our list included an eclectic range of presents to suit all kinds of tastes and preferences.


You can further improvize on this list by researching the shops we suggested and looking for more unique options for gifting!



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