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Best Etsy Name Ideas for Your Shop!

100 + Best Etsy Names Ideas 

Setting up an Etsy shop is a big decision! It marks your official entry into the world of e-commerce and digital entrepreneurship.

But whether you make your business rock or sink is up to you. You must discover your passion & expertise, choose the right niche, and start creating quality products.

Etsy will guide you through the whole process of setting up an Etsy shop. But there is an important factor still missing. You can call it the ‘ x factor’.

That x factor or the missing ingredient of your Etsy business is your Etsy shop name. Whether you start a shop specializing in jewelry, skincare & wellness products, custom clothing, craft supplies, custom art, home decor products, or any other niche, what you choose to call your Etsy shop is crucial.

A great Etsy shop name will literally seal the deal for you.

Etsy Shop Name 

Hello there! If you want to set up an Etsy shop but are clueless about ideas to name your shop, then this post is just for you.


In this post, we will give you a well-curated list of 100+ name ideas for your Etsy shop. We’ll also tell you all about the guiding principles of choosing the perfect name for your Etsy store.

Having a unique, catchy, and easy-to-remember shop name is a must to attract customers and expand your Etsy business. Your Etsy shop name will reflect the unique positioning of your brand in this marketplace. Therefore, you must make the right decision after a lot of homework and brainstorming.

For deciding the name of your shop, you must have an astute knowledge of the workings of Google search and Etsy SEO algorithms. Your shop name should consist of at least one relevant word related to your niche so that it shows up easily on the Etsy search engine.

We will guide you through the whole process of choosing the right name for your Etsy shop and provide you with an exhaustive list of different kinds of Etsy names ideas

  • Creative Etsy business names
  • Catchy Etsy Business Names
  • Funny Etsy Business Names
  • Classic Etsy Business Names
  • Unique Etsy Shop Names
  • Cool Etsy Shop Names

Factors to Consider While Picking Etsy Shop Names

1.    Relevance

The name should be relevant to your business and the kind of products you are selling.


It would be ideal to include the name of your niche in the name. For example, if your Etsy shop is selling home decor products, you could call your shop HomeDecorByHarry or the ArtsyDecor Shop. If you have a shop specializing in handmade soaps, you could name your BohoSoapFantasy or HandmadeSoapTrail.

It’s not necessary to be direct. But your shop name should include some word that reflects the nature of your product. That makes it easier for the name to show on the Etsy search engine. For example, you could call your shop something like HandMadeBliss or HandmadeHappyHome.

2.    Creativity

Etsy is a marketplace catering to creative entrepreneurs of all kinds – artists, graphic designers, craftspersons, skincare artisans, writers, etc.

Creativity is the USP of this platform; your Etsy business name should be creative.


You will see very few run-of-the-mill names on Etsy. Most of the shop names have something unique and edgy about them. Depending on the nature of your business, adding that little bit of zing is a must while deciding the name of your Etsy shop.


For example, if you run a shop specializing in clothing, then calling it  BohemianBoutiquers or ChicButiquers would sound much better than calling it something like ClothingFromKaty.

As an Etsy entrepreneur, you invest so much time in giving your products that out-of-the-box and creative appeal. Your Etsy name should reflect that too.

3.    Originality

It’s a practical consideration.

Your Etsy name must be unique and original.


Before finalizing a name, you must make sure it’s not in use by any other Etsy business.


Some Etsy shops do have similar-sounding names, and they tackle this problem by adding a prefix here and there or by adding the owner’s name to it.

However, it’s best to have a completely original and unique name so that people don’t mix up your shop name with other brands.

4.    Simplicity & Brevity

Your Etsy business name should be catchy and easy to remember.


While the name should be creative, you shouldn’t use too much jargon or complex words. Your customer should be able to connect with the name and memorize it.

For example, names like Winsome Weaves and Mesmerizing Gifts are catchy, creative, and easy to remember. They are also short. Your etsy shop name shouldn’t be longer than 3-4 words maximum.

5.    SEO Friendly

Ideally, the name of your shop should show up easily when customers search for specific Etsy products through keywords.


That’s why it’s important to choose an SEO-friendly name.


Your shop name should be optimized for relevant keywords and search engines.

6.    Brand Image

Your Etsy business name should reflect your brand image.

If you already have a presence on other platforms, your shop name should be consistent with your existing brand image even if you are choosing a new name for Etsy.

Overall, the name should convey the essence of your brand and be conducive to the future growth and expansion of your business.


How to Pick Etsy Shop Names? Guiding Principles

How To Pick Etsy Shop Name 

Now that you know all about the main elements to consider while choosing the appropriate name for your Etsy business, let’s take you through the process of choosing that perfect shop name.

You now know that the name needs to be unique, creative, original, catchy, easy to remember, and SEO-friendly. But what are the steps involved in deciding that perfect name?

Let’s find out.

1.    In-Depth Research

Now that you’ve decided to set up an Etsy shop, the first step is to conduct in-depth research.

Who is your target audience? What are your overall branding goals? What is the long-term vision of your business? What kind of brand image do you want to project? You must investigate all these questions and come up with adequate answers before you finalize a name for your Etsy business.

You also need to thoroughly research the competitive landscape. The easiest way to do it is by carefully studying the shop name ideas of your competitors on Etsy and seeing if these names are effective and catchy.

Check out the Etsy name ideas of the successful shops in your niche and carefully evaluate their characteristics. Are these names vague or clear? Are they able to incite the curiosity of the customer? Do these name ideas give a fair picture of what is being sold in that shop?

By researching and evaluating all these factors, you’ll be able to choose Etsy name ideas that resonate with your brand and appeal to your target audience.

2.    Brainstorm Etsy Shop Ideas

Now that you’ve started thinking about the best Etsy ideas for your shop name, it’s time to move on to the next step.

Now is the time to brainstorm different shop ideas in a group setting.


The nature of these brainstorming sessions will depend on the size of your business and the number of team members involved. But it’s important to discuss these ideas with others and get multiple viewpoints. In business, you never know from what source you might get an excellent suggestion. So it’s a must to be accommodative and open to suggestions.


Even if you are a solopreneur, you must try and discuss your Etsy shop name ideas with a trusted group of individuals. The final decision is yours, but it’s good to get feedback from the other side.

Once the brainstorming sessions are done, make a note of the best ideas. Create a list of the top 20 or 30 best ideas. You must have ample options for choosing the right one.

3.    Test your Etsy Name

Now that you’ve made a list of the best shop names, search for those names on both Google and Etsy search engines to see what comes up.


It’s important to ensure that the final name you select should be unique and not in use by an existing Etsy business.

In case you find all the name ideas you chose are already taken, no need to get worked up. Try tweaking a word here and there to create a unique name. For example, let’s say you thought of a name called Minimalist Patterns for your shop. But then you realized there is already a shop on Etsy by this name. If you really like this name and want to use it, the best way to make it unique is by simply adding the owner’s name towards the end. So your shop name would now become MinimalistPatternsbyJeff.

4.    Know the Law About Etsy Names Ideas

Before choosing the final name, you must do some research regarding the words and names that have already been trademarked.

If you choose a shop name idea that’s been trademarked by someone else, you can land into legal trouble. It’s a good idea to do some research beforehand to avoid conflict later.

You can refer to the United States Patent and Trademark Office’s site to look for business names that have been trademarked in the US. For other countries, you must check out the websites of their respective trademark authorities.

5.    Make Your Shop Name Global

You must check out how your shop name translates in other languages to make sure there are no negative connotations to any of the words when translated.

Etsy is a global marketplace; you must look at it from the perspective of long-term business growth. Your Etsy business name positions your brand in the online marketplace; the vocabulary should be compatible with various world languages.

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Best Ideas for Etsy Shop Names

Best Ideas for Etsy Shop Name 

Now comes the most interesting part of the story!

In this section, we will give you many ideas for Etsy shop names.

These ideas will be clubbed together based on different categories – the niche to which your shop belongs, the kind of products being sold, the kind of vibes you would like your shop name to exude, etc.

Catchy Etsy Shop Name Ideas

It’s the most popular category of Etsy shop name ideas.

Your Etsy business name should be catchy and easy to remember.

Think along the lines of taglines of famous brands that make people immediately visualize that brand and its essence. Over time, the brands become synonymous with these taglines. It’s the same with Etsy shop names.


Here are a few catchy ideas for naming your Etsy shop:

  • Joyful Journeys
  • Unique Utensils
  • Cascading Crafts
  • Jazzy Jewels
  • Honey Hive
  • FunkyFantasy
  • Winsome Weaves
  • SweetDreamsGifts
  • ArtMystique
  • FunnynCuteGifts

Creative Etsy Shop Name Ideas

Creative ideas for naming your Etsy business are highly popular.

Etsy is all about creating that creative buzz! No matter what your niche is, a unique name always makes your shop and products stand out.

A creative name makes your prospective customers curious about your shop and leads them to explore more. That is precisely the clickbait. A creative name creates that curiosity factor that an ordinary-sounding normal name won’t.

Having a creative name for your Etsy shop doesn’t mean that the name can be nonsensical. It has to be closely connected to your brand and truly reflect the kind of products you sell.

Creative Etsy shop names are different from catchy Etsy shop names in that they are more indirect. While deciding on a creative name, you’ll construct a storyline that reflects your brand. So you’ll be using a lot of adjectives and figurative words.

You can say that a creative name conveys the essence of your shop a bit more dramatically.

Here are a few creative ideas for naming your Etsy shop:

  • WoodCraftParadise
  • DreamsUnlimited
  • Xquisite xtras
  • Creative Crystals
  • Pottery Tales
  • Mesmerizing Aura
  • Urban Wonderland
  • StoriesInWeave
  • TheTatteredLily
  • PrettyLittlePosh
  • Keepsake Kingdom
  • BlushingBones
  • StarryNightStudios
  • LunarlaceCreations

Unique Etsy Shop Name Ideas

Unique ideas for your Etsy shop name will make you stand out in the saturated marketplace.

Etsy is a great marketplace for creative entrepreneurs but it’s also over-saturated. Every niche has become so competitive that you really need to find ways and means to differentiate your brand.

Having a unique shop name is a great way to make your Etsy brand stand out and attract potential customers.

Here are a few ideas for naming your Etsy shop:

  • CosmicCuriosities
  • Eclectic Emporium
  • EnchantedWonderShop
  • TwilightSagaShop
  • Quaint Inspirations
  • QuirkyGemsnJewelry
  • MaverickArtnCraft
  • PaperDreams
  • FolksyFashion
  • CutenTemperamentalMugs

Funny Etsy Shop Name Ideas

Invoking the audience’s sense of humor is a great way to connect with them and sell products.

Funny Etsy shop name ideas are a great way to attract attention and connect with your prospective customer base.

A funny and playful name with a tinge of tease would do just the trick. It depends on your niche though. If you are selling serious products, then a funny name won’t work I guess. But since Etsy shops are mostly selling creative products and gifts, funny Etsy shop names work rather well.

Here is a list of some funny ideas for naming your Etsy business:

  • WhaleHello there
  • CraftyCrew
  • QuirkyQuilts
  • FunnyBonesStore
  • ShitSure Creations
  • SillynCuteCreations
  • SnazzySticher
  • YarnyarnYarn
  • SheepishWeaves
  • CrazyBohemiaShop
  • Bear Necessities
  • High Steaks

Cool Etsy Shop Name Ideas

Who doesn’t get drawn to a cool shop name?

A cool shop name is a like a whiff of sunshine on a super cloudy day.

Choosing a cool name for your Etsy business ensures your brand is perceived as trendy and contemporary.

It’s all about positioning your brand in the contemporary marketplace. It’s also about the kind of customer base you are targeting. If your products are primarily aimed at a younger demographic, you got to have a cool and catchy Etsy shop name.

Here are a few ideas for cool Etsy shop names:

  • ModernMarvels
  • ChicCharms
  • PristinePaper
  • ColoffulMarvels
  • OdetoCoffeeStore
  • GlamGarage
  • HipsterHaven
  • UberCoolStuff
  • RetroRevival
  • Fancy Favors

Etsy Craft Shop Names Ideas

Etsy Craft Shop Name

Craft stores are the most popular category of shops on Etsy.

You can find Etsy shops selling literally everything from custom art, wall hangings, wooden art decor, lamp decor pieces, and artsy mugs to home decor items, handicrafts, beads jewelry, handmade paper, artsy stationary, etc.

The word ‘crafts’ shows more than 20 million results on the Etsy search engine!

Crafts is a rather generalized term and a wide domain that covers many niches.

Let’s check out some great ideas for naming an Etsy craft shop:

  • CraftsyMuse
  • CreateWithGlow
  • CraftBazaarLive
  • EtsyPrintableDelights
  • KnottySistersShop
  • Classy Crafts Shop
  • ArtsyFartsybySandy
  • Kate’sCraftsyCloset
  • ArtsySymphonies
  • SamanthaArtStudio
  • TheBasketCase
  • TheCharmOffensiveStore
  • CelestialBelle
  • DesignParadise
  • BewitchingDesigns
  • TheFrostedPumpkinBoutique
  • SugarBerryCottage
  • Moonlit Escapades
  • PapierMacheDreams
  • CraftsyBrilliance

Etsy Jewelry Shop Name Ideas

Etsy is the perfect marketplace to sell all kinds of jewelry, be it vintage pieces, handmade jewelry, personalized jewelry, or custom jewelry.

For the buyers, it’s a win-win situation since they can find unique pieces they never would in the mainstream market.

It’s no wonder that setting up a jewelry shop is one of the topmost Etsy business ideas.

When you are selling something as delicate, classy, and alluring as jewelry, the name of the shop becomes even more important! Your Etsy jewelry shop name should convey the essence of your brand and embody the attitude of your signature pieces.

Here are a few ideas for naming your Etsy jewelry shop:

  • TimelessVintageJewels
  • PearlsandPetals
  • JewelryMemoirs
  • JewelrybySynthia
  • TheEnchantedBoutique
  • PearlsofWisdom
  • SerendipityDesigns
  • QuirkyJewelrybyKaty
  • TheSoulSymphonyJewelryShop
  • BraceletWonderland
  • TheBlingeeBoutique
  • BeadedDelightsBySamantha
  • TheJewelLand
  • SweetSoulVintage
  • LittleRubyFox
  • QuirkyVinatgeTrails
  • VintageGloryBoutique

Etsy Beauty & Wellness Shop Names Ideas

The beauty and wellness domain is one of the most sought-after categories on Etsy.

With people getting more conscious about leading a sustainable lifestyle, wellness products are selling like hotcakes

People like to gift beauty and wellness products for all kinds of occasions including Christmas, Mother’s Day, Daughter’s Day, Birthdays, etc.

If you want to set up an Etsy shop in the beauty and wellness niche, here are a few name ideas for your help:

  • HoneyBeeSoaps
  • DowntoEarthBeauty
  • LuxurySkinKraft
  • VanityEssentials
  • SkinCareByRachael
  • TheSoapSculptor
  • LuminousSkinCare
  • NaturalSoapsbyBetty
  • TheWellnessTaver
  • OutofWorldBeauty
  • LavenderMeUp
  • MoonlightDaisies
  • TouchUpEssentials
  • SweetSoulBridalBox
  • Handmade Ecstasies
  • SweetCharmsBeautyBox
  • Beautifulbandit
  • TheLotusMoon
  • SweetRoseEssentials
  • TheGypsyMoonGoddess

Etsy Clothing Shop Name Ideas

Etsy Clothing Shop Name

No list of Etsy shop names is complete without listing ideas for the clothing niche.

Clothing is a highly popular Etsy domain. Customers can find all kinds of unique apparel on Etsy, be it handmade clothes, custom t-shirts, baby clothes, pregnant woman’s clothing, knitted wear, or vintage clothing.

If you are planning to start a clothing shop on Etsy, here are a few name ideas to stimulate your imagination and creativity:

  • BirdsNestBoutiqueShop
  • SweetTees
  • BlushingRoseBoutique
  • TeesWithaMessage
  • ChicVibes
  • ScintillatingSarees
  • DreamsinWeave
  • FittedByDebra
  • TheDreamEnsembleShop
  • StunningAppraelShop
  • SecretSareeCharms
  • MoonlightFabrics
  • PreciousThreadz
  • Vintage Pretty Clothing
  • TheClothingMuse
  • RetroDivaensemble
  • TheFinesseBoutique
  • TuttiFrutti Kids Closet
  • BigBangKindsOutlet

Etsy Home Decor Shop Names

Home Decor is one of the most lucrative Etsy niches.

It’s the ideal marketplace to sell all kinds of customized furniture and home decor products – rugs, carpets, wall decor stuff, handicrafts, unique decorative lamps, art souvenirs, decorative books, etc.

Let’s check out some super creative, trendy, and cool name ideas for this Etsy niche:

  • VintageMoon
  • JunkMarketStyle
  • FunkyFurnitireShop
  • HomeDecorByShannon
  • AntiquesMemorabilia
  • FurnitureWithaSoul
  • PunkFurniture
  • PurpleHazeInteriors
  • RiversideMoonFurniture
  • BohemianButtercup
  • SweetHomeCreationz
  • TheHomeComingShop
  • TipsyMoonCreations
  • RoyalPollens
  • AtticAngels
  • ShackontheHill
  • DreamweaversCreations
  • BohoWoodenFantasy
  • HappyDecorbyKaty

Tips and Tricks for Choosing Etsy Shop Names

Tips and Tricks for Etsy Shop Name Ideas for Etsy Shop Name

Now that we’ve given you a detailed list of all kinds of ideas for Etsy shop names, let’s wrap up by giving you an insight into some of the Etsy trade secrets!

Are there any easy formulas you can apply while creating your Etsy business name?

Let’s take a look.

1.    Personal Etsy Names

The easiest way to create an Etsy shop name is to add your own name as the first word or the last word.

This also gives a touch of personalization to your brand.

Your Etsy business name could consist of two words – your name + the name of the product or the niche.

For example, you could call your Etsy shop CatherinesCrafts or CraftsbyCatherine. If your shop sells only one specific kind of product, your name could be more specific – for example, TatianaBeadsShop.


Adding your own name to the shop name is also the easiest way to make the name unique and avoid any potential trademark conflict.

Etsy is a huge marketplace and  so many new shops are coming up every day. Adding your personal name ensures that your shop name stands out.

However, you must be careful if your name is too common and there are other Etsy shops by that exact name. In that case, you might have to change a letter or two here and there.

Personal Name Examples:

  • TatianaBeadsShop
  • LucifersCreations
  • Charley’s Charming Charms
  • GarrysGlitterShop
  • EnigmaticCraftsbyEmily

2.    Use Adjectives that Describe your Product or Craft

It’s a highly popular formula for naming your Etsy shop – adjective + product name or niche name.

If you notice carefully the Etsy shop names ideas list provided by us, many of these names will have adjectives followed by the shop’s product specialty.

This formula ensures that the name is creative and imaginative, and it conveys the essence of your brand.

Name Examples:

  • Scintillating Sarees
  • MesmerizingDesigns
  • EnigmaticWallArt
  • GorgeousgGraphics
  • MaverickArtShop

3.    Abstract Etsy Names

Using highly imaginative abstract or invented names for your Etsy shop also works well.

Etsy is a platform primarily selling art and craft products; these abstract names are ideal for shops selling a huge range of craftsy products without any narrow specialization.


Such names tease the customers’ sensibility and motivate them to find out more about the shop.

Abstract names wouldn’t directly have words related to products or even the niche. Instead, they would have highly imaginative and unique words that evoke feelings of happiness, bohemia, beauty, charm, etc.


Such names are effective because they have the potential to directly appeal to the emotions of the customers.

And we all know that emotions are the real trigger that leads people into buying something.

Abstract name Examples:

  • FizzFlair Fashion
  • Moonbeam Boutique
  • TheMoonBeamsShop
  • LoonymoonyTees

4.    Names with Alliteration

Alliteration is a popular literary device in which words with the same initial letter or sound are clubbed together to form a sequence. This lends a kind of poetic rhythm to the whole phrase.

Alliteration is a great way to create memorable Etsy names that keep the audience hooked. Names with alliteration also have a greater recall factor, that is they are easy to remember.

Names with Alliteration Examples:

  • Bobbie’s Bracelets
  • Dapper Designs
  • Ambrosia Alchemy
  • The Dazzling Decor
  • Mesmerizing Mugs

Final Verdict

Choosing a great name for your Etsy business is not easy. But once you manage to find the perfect name, there is no looking back.

The most crucial thing to remember is it’s your shop so you must be personally happy with the name.

Don’t go for a name just because of peer pressure or because you think such kind of names are trending in the Etsy marketplace.

Remember that it’s not a short-term commitment! Your Etsy shop name is going to be the face of your business for a long time to come. So it’s important that you are happy with the name.

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