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The Importance of Focus- To help you achieve success!

I’m about to share with you how important this single attribute is to reaching your goals. These following rules helped me become a self-made millionaire by 25!
One of the most important aspects of achieving success is being and remaining focused, when you can implement a solid level of focus and maintain it over a long period, your results will far outweigh the average person who is committed one week, then slacking and procrastinating the next.

A Digital World

It is no secret that one of the hardest skills to master in this digital age is being and staying focused, with advertising jumping out of our smartphones every minute we are logged on, and all the information in the world at our fingertips, it is no surprise that many young and even mature people are finding this very hard.

Focus has Never Been More Important

With more distractions than ever, it has never been harder yet more critical to stay focused. In every aspect of your life, the way to progress is to stay focused, you want to get better at a sport, set a goal, stay focused and you will reach it, the same goes for business success, personal development, wealth creation, and I have a very simple framework for how you can follow my proven strategy to help improve your productivity.

The benefits of staying focused so you can live a more fruitful and fulfilling life cannot be overstated. When you are not focused, you cannot be sure of the direction you are heading in, you will get side-tracked, procrastinate and overthink, all the common problems people who don’t achieve their dreams face day to day and let win. Wanting something and working for something are two completely different things. Let me now break down my easy-to-follow framework for staying focused, it is simple, but do not underestimate the power of simple actions.

Goal Setting.

The first step in staying focused is goal setting, with clarity on where you want to go, it will make the journey that much easier. It would be very easy to overcomplicate this. However, the easiest formula I have followed to be at my most productive is actually my best. You want to start off with your longer-term goals, anything ranging from 1-5 years. You can certainly go further than that, just keep in mind that looking that far into the future can be very difficult in this day and age.

Benefits of Goal Setting

  • You will gain clarity from having them written down
  • Looking over your goals every day will ingrain them into your mind.
  • You can see your completed goals for confidence with future goals

Daily Tasks

Set yourself daily, weekly & monthly tasks to work toward your larger goals. Make sure you set them in a way online or offline which will make it easy for you to track your results. Putting pen to paper on what tasks you need to complete will not only hold you accountable, but also ingrain these tasks into your subconscious.

Benefits of setting & Tracking Daily Tasks

  • Completing your daily tasks is a sure way to know you are on track to your larger goals.
  • Gain clarity knowing you haven’t forgotten any tasks you needed to complete
  • You can build momentum as you watch your goals turn to habits

How to stay focused on your work at hand

  • Set yourself a designated work station for the task at hand. e.g., You need to complete two hours of study 3 days a week. Chose your favorite spot in the house to get in the zone, preferably an office or desk or whatever you feel comfortable and focused in. And do your work there, Nothing will distract you more than being on your couch where you usually watch tv and trying to get work done, Your body and mind is used to relaxing in that spot, you want to be in the most optimal state to complete your study, that’s why I recommend choosing an office or designated work station.
  • Turn your phone on silent! I would say turn it off, but you want to hear alarms and designated intervals to let you know its time for a quick break. So set your alarms, put your phone on silent in the neighboring room and get to work.
  • Clean your work area. You want to give yourself every chance and getting the most productive 2 hours of study in. Clean your desk out and have it organized. You know what they say. Clean desk clear mind!
  • Take set break intervals: Everyone is different and can operate at peak levels for different amounts of time. Set your timer, see how long you can study before you feel lethargic, take note and set regular breaks at these intervals.
  • Download Peak Times App: There is a great book from Ari Meisel called the art of less doing. Ari notes the importance of completing your most important and energy consuming tasks when your brain is firing at its peak, you can complete tests throughout the day over a week or two. Then find out what time your brain is firing at its best.


I’m sure you now understand the importance of focus, and how we as flawed humans need to give ourselves every chance of success, Following the principals listed above are proven ways to help increase your chance of staying focused, when we are focused, we get more done, and when we get more done, we are happier. So, get to work, don’t be too hard on yourself and never give up trying to master your muscle to focus better. Good Luck!

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