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Entrepreneur Motivational Speakers (Breakdown of The Best)

Who are the best entrepreneur motivational speakers? What is their stories? Your in the right place, we have you covered.


It’s no surprise to discover that entrepreneurship is an incredibly lonely journey, and it’s the reason why so many aspiring innovators enjoy attending gatherings for the sharing of experiences.

At the heart of the most energizing and memorable conferences includes a keynote speaker whose powerful stage presence serves as an example to all who listen.

While many talk about different general strategies and tactics you can take on your path to success, others focus more on the mindset behind what makes every impresario push through the obstacles and challenges they inevitably face.

Still, others take the principles they teach for entrepreneurship and apply them to all facets of the human condition; serving as life coaches.

Here is a curated list of some of the best entrepreneur motivational speakers.

1. Gary Vaynerchuck

Gary Vee started his career working for his family’s liquor store and made his initial success of off launching his country’s first line of eCommerce sites for fine wines.

Several years later, he went on to launch VaynerRSE and VaynerCapital, companies that invest in the next generations of technology.

Soon after this, he created the #AskGaryVee podcast to discuss and answer all manners of questions related to marketing, business, entrepreneurship, and more.

Furthermore, Gary is the author of 4 best-selling books in the New York Times, appearing on various news networks and talk shows.

No matter where you look, this man is unavoidable in the entrepreneur scene. With a passion for four-letter words and a hilarious demeanor, his high-octane performances get audiences pumped about their work.

His best advice that has remained consistent throughout his speeches includes looking at yourself in the mirror and asking what you would want to do every day for the rest of your life.

2. Nick Vujicic

A Christian Evangelist from Australia that turned his own struggles into a motivational example for others. Without warning or sufficient medical explanation, Nick was born without any legs or arms.

Since his initial public speech at 19, Nick has visited many parts of the world to share his story with millions of people.

He soon arrived in California to serve as the president of Life Without Limbs, a non-profit organization.

His best advice is right at the moment you finally feel like giving up, you must force yourself to work on one last project.

In this way, you’ll actually end up giving yourself the best possible chance for success and be amazed at the outcome.

3. Bob Proctor

A student of the popular personal finance book, Think and Grow Rich, since 1961, Proctor is the proud owner of a company that specializes in self-development.

He now pays that inspiration forward in the roles of coach, speaker, mentor, author, and consultant.

In addition, he collaborates with individuals and entities alike, focusing on the psychological foundations of success as well as the motivation to achieve.

Lastly, he establishes multiple actionable strategies designed to empower others to thrive, grow, and improve themselves in a world that is constantly changing.

His best advice is to always remember that the only limitations in life are those imposed on the self.

4. David Meltzer

Meltzer runs Sports 1 Marketing, a company that he co-founded alongside Warren Moon, a Hall of Fame quarterback. Before this, he ran the most successful sports agency in the world named Leigh Steinberg Sports & Entertainment.

His passionate talks focus on achieving success through meaningful endeavors.

His best advice is to keep in mind that everyone is both ordinary and strong, boring and spectacular, shy and boy, heroes and bystanders, depending on the given day.

5. Greg Reid

An entrepreneur and head of multiple companies that are responsible for projects like Positive Impact, Road to Riches, and the Millionaire Mentor.

What’s more, he’s an extremely sought-after speaker, particularly in the corporate world, and shares strategies related to taking obstacles and melding them into opportunities.

His best advice is to find something you love doing and focus on that every day in order to have lifelong success.

6. Grant Cardone

Cardone collaborates with small and large firms alike to maximize sales through overlooked financial opportunities and customize the process to achieve the greatest effectiveness.

Many examples of affiliates include Google, Aflac, GM, Sprint, Toyota, and Ford. Personally, he operates and owns four organizations that earn over $100 million annually.

His best advice is to understand that you are in full control of your life every step of the way, no matter what the situation may seem like.

7. Cynthia Kersey

Kersey is a humanitarian in charge of the Unstoppable Foundation, a charity that works to guarantee every child born on Earth receives an education.

She is one of many people leading the transformational industry and is a bestselling author whose books cover strategies and stories of individuals who persist through immense obstacles to become successful.

Many of her books have motivated hundreds of thousands of readers and are available across the world in up to 17 different languages.

Her best advice is to remain truthful to yourself because one day others won’t have a choice but to trust in you.

8. James Lawrence

A personal trainer and triathlon coach, James underwent an extreme physical endurance challenge where the goal was to compete in 50 different Ironman events across 50 different locations, every day for 50 days in a row.

His success resulted in him completing a 2.4 mile-long swim, 112 mile-long bike ride, and 26.2 mile run.

He is an expert athlete and has competed in many other competitions in a similar vein, winning multiple world records.

In his talks, he claims that he thrives on providing aid to others and travels to different schools around the world to provide motivational speeches related to leading active lifestyles, succeeding in business, and defeating obesity.

His best advice is to strive for perfection during your darkest times, even for the shortest period of time. Eventually, those short bursts can be strung together consecutively and last a lifetime.

9. Kim Garst

A specialist in social media and personal branding, she is a leading business coach for her business known as Boom! Social. Her keynotes provide in-depth training to corporations and entrepreneurs like IBM,

Her best advice is to remember that you only have 3 options to give. Up, in, or all you’ve got.

10. Scott Duffy

An expert in business growth and entrepreneurship, Duffy started his career working under the legendary Tony Robbins and began to collaborate with big brands like FOXSports, CBS Sportsline, and NBC Internet.

Later, he created an electronic booking system for private flights which eventually got acquired by Virgin Group.

Today, he is a highly regarded motivational speaker whose talks have landed him in the heart of the New York Stock Exchange to deliver commentary to multiple media outlets like CBS Radio, CNBC, and FOX News.

His best advice is to look at every new day as a fresh opportunity and start to do things the right way.

11. Mark Cuban

A billionaire impresario who made his success in investments with Shark Tank and The Dallas Mavericks, a team in the NBA, Cuban worked as a tech entrepreneur and was also the founder of

Knowing the journey it takes to become successful, Cuban spends his talks with younger audience members to discuss working smart, being resourceful, overcoming adversity, and scaling.

His best advice is to know your industry better than anyone because it’s your passion. If you don’t love it, don’t do it.

12. Jay-Z

Shawn Carter, growing up in Brooklyn, was constantly surrounded by gang violence and drugs. Unlike his peers, he did not want to fall into such a trap.

His music was a way for him to stay out of trouble and make money on the streets. Over time, he built up a career that resulted in a massive debut on MTV.

Upon releasing two albums, he was catapulted into the mainstream where his work is now considered among the most influential in hip-hop history.

When talking to entrepreneurs, his topics focus on hard work, staying true to oneself, and believing in your path.

His best advice is to realize that work, spirit, and talent must all come together for success. If there is a blockage in any of these, fate will stop you from reaching your destiny.

13. Jack Ma

A man who began his career teaching English, Ma ended up creating China’s centralized eCommerce platform known as Alibaba.

Many assume that Amazon is the biggest in the world, but it’s in fact his creation that stands at the top of the charts. Born in China, Ma is now a philanthropist, tycoon, and politician whose talks focus on motivation.

His best advice is to never copy competitors but instead learn from their mistakes.

14. Guy Kawasaki

Assisting in the marketing of Mac computers in the early 1980s alongside the famous Steve Jobs, Kawasaki has a firm understanding of successful entrepreneurship.

His keynotes have been targeted at popular brands like Google, Microsoft, Audi, and Apple. Topics of discussion include social media, marketing, branding, innovation, and startups.

His best advice is to look at successful organizations as those who had proper implementation and not simply well-thought-out business plans.

15. Simon Sinek

Most if not all entrepreneurs face early struggles when setting up a business because they lack a clear focus or direction that aligns them with their personal values and purpose.

That is specifically the reason that Sinek encourages people start with why they are doing something.

He travels around the world to teach people in leadership positions how to take charge of employees with confidence and courage.

His best advice is to sell something that answers why you do something instead of simply answering what you do.

16. Peter Diamandis

An entrepreneur who has founded over 20 companies specializing in the industries of space, human longevity, education, and venture capitalism, Diamandis hosts talks about digital innovation and merging technology with enhanced intelligence and productivity.

His best advice is to know that the best way to predict what is ahead is to simply create it for yourself.

17. Tony Robbins

Perhaps the best known motivational speaker in the entire world, Robbins is a life coach whose informational seminars have saved countless lives, broken marriages, and the financially challenged.

An early practitioner in the field of neurolinguistics programming, Robbins has worked personally with famous names like Hugh Jackman, Pitbull, and Bill Clinton.

To find your own success, he advises looking at others that symbolize your passions and desires to learn from them as meaningful examples.

His best advice is to not find a career, but instead a mission.

Every entrepreneur mentioned on this list offers various life lessons that are designed to hone listeners in on their energy, time, focus, and personal growth to reach levels that have never been achieved before.

While each person comes from an entirely different background, they all share several common values.

Entrepreneurial Values

If you have yet to see success on your financial journey or have yet to even start, here are the best tips collected across every major entrepreneur motivational speaker:

  1. Never stop challenging yourself. Life is an endless teacher and stage to learn new things every day that help you grow.
  2. Believe in your path, for your doubts or affirmations will be the consequence of your thoughts. You will always find ways through obstacles if you stay true to your talents and beliefs this way.
  3. Find your vision. No path is clear or meaningful enough to walk down the whole way through without a proper vision. It will provide you with the endurance to overcome every obstacle laid before you.
  4. Take action, and work hard. The world has tons of outstanding ideas, but no success comes without hard action. An easy way to look at this is to simply quit speaking and start doing things as soon as possible. The same is true for your inevitable success.
  5. Use others as a reference point. Do not plagiarize or attempt to directly mirror those of influence. You must take the mistakes of others and channel them into your own unique success.
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