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How to Make Money Vlogging

how to make money vlogging

Vlogging is emerging as a hot career option these days.

Blogging has reached a kind of saturation point with so much content floating around. In blogging, you get mostly restricted to the written word. 

But, vlogging offers a world of opportunities for all, irrespective of their educational status or background. 

If you want to learn how to make money vlogging, you are in the right place!

Vlogging has revolutionalized the world of content by giving everyone the chance to create unique and compelling stories using their talent.

This genre of creating video content got big during the covid time when vloggers filming their day-to-day activities with a decent smartphone camera became a rage. Now, of course, there are all kinds of vloggers including ones who use sophisticated state-of-the-art equipment for shooting and editing videos. But no amount of high-end technology is going to help you if your content isn’t that great.

In vlogging, content is the queen!

What is vlogging?

Vlogging would translate into a video log or a video blog.

It is then the kind of blog where most of the content is in video form.

There are different kinds of vloggers. Some vloggers pick up a niche and then make videos from an indoor studio setting. Many of these vloggers mostly film themselves talking about a topic. 

The final video is supported by other relevant shots and images. This is the simplest style of vlogging that one can easily do from a home studio setting.

Other vloggers make outdoor videos showing off their shopping haul, giving you a visual tour of a local place, and showing you different destinations through travel vlogging.

Then, some vloggers share their everyday activities using a simple smartphone camera. 

There is a huge market for this kind of blogging as the content seems authentic and people are always interested to know what other people are up to.

There are no rules to vlogging really except that your vlog has to be in a video format. Multiple people can also be featured in a vlog, but the vlogger will always be the focus.

 Youtube is the favorite platform for vlogging. Vloggers prefer youtube as it gives them a lot of opportunities for making money. But, there are many other free video hosting sites like Vimeo, Dailymotion, etc.

Differences between vloggers and bloggers

Vlogging and blogging are two different things. But still, many people get confused and use the two interchangeably.

These are the difference between vlogging and blogging that you must keep in mind.

•        A blog is a text-based post whereas a vlog is in video format.

•        Blogs are mostly hosted on websites like WordPress, Drupal, Blogger, Tumblr, etc. whereas vlogs are used on platforms like Youtube, Vimeo, Facebook, DailyMotion, etc.

•        The concept of blogging began in the 1990s, whereas vlogging started taking ground in the first decade of the 21st century.

•        Blogging is low maintenance since you only have to pay for the hosting service. And with free hosting sites like WordPress, you can skip those costs too. But, vlogging needs some initial investment for buying a good quality camera, microphone, etc.

•        Vlogging has more potential to earn as compared to a blog since more people are interested in videos than written content. Also, vlogging is more flexible as compared to a blog and can accommodate any subject.

However, you must remember that even though the two are different styles of content creation, quality content is the key to achieving success in both these genres.

Tips to make money from your vlog

how to make money vlogging

Generating money from vlogging is a long and consistent process. Contrary to what people think, vloggers don’t hit a gold jackpot overnight.

A lot of hard work has gone behind the videos you see with millions of subscribers and views.

Before we tell you about how to make money from vlogging, you must know how to make your Youtube channel stand out from the crowd.

Here are some tips to make your channel stand out so that you can start making money from your videos.

1.       Create great content

There is no substitute for good content. You got to create great content if you want your Youtube channel to stand out.

Remember that great content is a complete package. Your script, presentation, video recording, audio recording, and editing, everything matters. Never record a video without practice. 

Shoddy delivery can spoil even the best of content. Make sure you practice several times before recording the final version.

2.       Select a niche

Making Youtube videos all over the place is a sure-shot recipe for disaster.

Unless you are already a celebrity, nobody is interested in listening to you blabber on everything under the sun.

You must select a niche and stick to it for earning money as a vlogger. 

Pick up any area you are passionate about – food, travel, music, technology, history, fashion, DIY skincare, makeup, movies,  sports, art, books, etc. Check out other vlogs from your niche and then try to create something better.

3.       Be consistent

Consistency is the key to making money vlogging.

Make a schedule for posting videos and follow it without fail. 

Try to post at least three videos every week. If you have a regular job and are busy during the week,  find an hour or two every day to work on the content. 

Then, schedule the recording and editing for the weekend.

You need at least 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 hours of viewing time to make money from your channel through the Youtube partner program. Consistency is the key to achieving that.

If you keep posting vlogs consistently on a niche, the Youtube algorithm will start showcasing your videos in its top most search results. It will start giving your content a greater chance to be discovered and generate viewers.

4.       Create content that offers value to people

make offer vlogging

As a vlogger, you must create content that can be useful to people. Viewers are more likely to subscribe to your Youtube channel if your videos address their practical concerns and solve their problems.

If you are making vlogs in the writing niche, make practical videos on improving one’s writing skills. 

If you are a vlogger in the tech niche, make how-to videos. People are always looking to learn new technology – how to edit in premiere pro, how to convert an audio file to mp3 format, etc. 

If you offer content that people can benefit from, they will become your subscribers eventually.

5.       Build a brand image

Making cash from Youtube videos is all about building a strong brand image.

Work on your Youtube logo. Put some effort into giving a consistent look to all your videos. Repackage the same content for other social media networks like Instagram and Facebook. 

Getting direct viewership on Youtube can be challenging. Therefore, you must build a solid fan following across various social media channels. 

Once you get popular as a brand, they will be converted to your Youtube subscribers.

6.       Promote your channel

Lastly, you must promote your Youtube channel relentlessly.

When you are just starting, capitalize on your existing networks. Promote every video on your social media accounts. 

Send WhatsApp links to people on your list. 

While you might find it hard to share videos when all you get is 100-something views, you must do it consistently. Don’t think too much about people who ignore your messages. Just concentrate on your goal and keep promoting.

Using the right keywords is crucial for increasing your subscribers on Youtube. Use keywords relevant to your content but don’t spam your tag section with unnecessary keywords.

Traditional ways to make money vlogging on Youtube

starting a Youtube channel in 2023

How to make money from vlogging is a question that perplexes everyone.

There are many options for making money as a vlogger. Once you build a solid viewers base, you can now start monetizing your vlog.

Let’s take a look at some of the most popular ways to make money vlogging.

1.       Youtube ads

Youtube ads are the most straightforward way to earn from your vlog.

Many vloggers make a lot of money from Youtube ads, they earn up to a serious five or six figures per month. Even small YouTubers can make at least thousands of dollars a month by joining the Youtube partnership program.

You get to run ads on your videos only if you are a part of this program. One must fulfill certain criteria to be eligible. You are required to have at least 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 hours of watch time in the past 12 months. Then, you can apply for the program, and once Youtube approves your channel account, you can start running ads on your videos.

You can now start monetizing your content with Google AdSense ads provided by youtube.

2.       Make money from affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is one of the most sure-shot ways of making money from Youtube videos.

You can promote third-party products and services on your vlog through affiliate marketing. 

You add affiliate links in the video description section. Whenever someone clicks on the link or makes a purchase, you get a certain commission.

There are different affiliate programs available for vloggers and each of these has a different compensation model. So you must research all the options before joining a program. You can start with the Amazon affiliate program.

The best way to make money from affiliate marketing is by doing individual product review videos along with an affiliate link in the description part. Reviewing one product at a time helps you build authentic trust and credibility since the viewers won’t think you are spamming them with products.

Affiliate marketing is a great strategy for earning from Youtube but make sure you do honest reviews of products related to your niche. Do not spam your video with unrelated products.

You could also add affiliate links to your camera gear, travel gear, etc. Affiliate programs these days cover a wide range of products and services.

3.       Sponsored or paid posts

You can also make sponsored videos to earn money on Youtube.

A sponsored vlog is video content commissioned by a company to promote its products and services. Sponsored posts are different from affiliate marketing. In affiliate marketing, you are indirectly promoting products to get a commission. But, in sponsored content, you are directly promoting a product or service on behalf of the organization. All sponsored vlogs on Youtube must specifically mention that this is a sponsored video.

Sponsored content is big money. Many brands these days are looking for online influencers to promote their products.

Digital media has radically transformed the audience landscape. Many of these brands struggle to reach their buyers. 

A Youtube vlogger with a solid fan following can be an appealing partner for these brands.

The most popular kind of sponsored posts is product review videos. A vlogger is approached by brands in their niches to promote their products through a review.

Sponsored posts are a lucrative way to earn money. 

But sponsorships are hard to get. Ideally, you would have built a network of at least 10k Youtube followers before brands start approaching you for sponsored content. But they are certainly one of the most profitable ways to make money vlogging.

4.       Selling Merchandise

Many vloggers use their Youtube presence to sell their own products related to their niche.

You could sell products like custom mugs, t-shirts, water bottles, etc with your brand name or other distinct elements. How much money you can make promoting merchandise through Youtube depends on your niche. For example, if you are a beauty vlogger reviewing products in the skincare niche, you could use the platform to sell your own DIY skincare products. Or, if you run a Youtube channel with DIY ideas for home decor, you could sell your home decor handmade products through Youtube.

Vloggers can also sell digital products through their vlog. You can promote products like e-books, cookbooks, online tutorials, diet plan charts, etc.

In a nutshell, vloggers make money by selling merchandise but how much money you can make depends on your niche. Also, you need to first grow your channel and get people interested in your niche by posting great content.

5.       Create a Patreon page

This is especially useful for vloggers whose content can’t be monetized due to various restrictions that keep you away from earning money through the Youtube partner program.

A Patreon page is great for vloggers who are unable to monetize their content in other ways but have a decent fan following. All you got to do is go to their website, create a page, and ask your viewers to support your work through monthly donations.

Many YouTubers make money solely from Patreon.

As a part of the package, you give value-added and differentiated content to your patrons by creating original content for them, and by giving them various add-ons like shout-outs, credits, extra photos, etc.

Patreon can be a great source of side income for YouTubers.

Other innovative ways for making money as a vlogger

1.       Sell custom photo presets

You can use your vlogger’s expertise to help out other vloggers and earn good money in the process.

Since you already have a considerable Youtube presence and have invested in state-of-the-art editing tools, you can use your expertise to create custom-branded elements.

Most vloggers are active on multiple social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, etc. You can sell them attractive custom-branded elements for their Youtube thumbnails, Instagram posts, etc.

You can use your knowledge and skills to help other people make a vlog and develop a starter kit for creating a vlog.

This is a great source of money for YouTubers with an entrepreneurial spirit who want to create various side businesses around their Youtube video content.

2.       Create paid courses

The ideal way to earn money vlogging is by first building a solid follower base through Youtube and then creating paid courses.

In the initial stages, you offer the viewers bulk content for free through Youtube. But then, down the line, you must start creating some exclusive videos for which your followers must pay.

The best way to further monetize your Youtube content is by creating paid courses in your niche – writing, painting, drawing, woodwork, etc, whatever it is that you do. Sharing your expertise with your followers is a great way to generate revenue from a Youtube vlog.

Of course, this strategy for monetizing your content comes much later when you’ve already established a certain level of credibility in your niche and built a substantial fan following.

3.       Work on building an email list

Building an email list is a must-use method for generating money through YouTube videos.

Remember that Youtube holds the data of your subscribers, not you. So you must have their email list as a backup option. Use this list to promote your videos as well as products and services.

You can build the list by using software like ConvertKit to create a landing page for free and direct your Youtube audience there.  

This kind of digital marketing is a tried and tested strategy that helps generate direct results in terms of sales.

 You must have a professional marketing strategy and refrain from spamming your audience. Nobody wants their inbox to be overwhelmed with promotional emails every day. So put some thought into your marketing strategy and connect with your audience creatively.

4.       Livestream

Another way to make money from Youtube videos is by doing live streams. Youtube live streams are a potential source of good money.

Livestreams have that x-factor; your audience is more willing to pay for a live session since they can directly interact with you in real-time. 

You must offer them a chat option in these live-stream sessions.

There are multiple ways for earning through a live stream. You can generate revenue from ads, by getting tips and donations from fans, through regular payments from your audience, etc. You can also promote third-party content through a live stream through sponsorships and brand deals.

Live shopping videos are another way to make money through Youtube. 

You can sell and promote products and videos just like you would do in a prerecorded video. The advantage of doing a live stream is that you get better viewer response and there are features allowing your audience to buy services or products they see in the stream.

5.       Sell stock photos and videos

Selling stock photos and videos is one of the best ways to make money online.

As a YouTuber, you have invested in the best gear for shooting and editing, and you already have a huge database of photos and videos. You should use this to generate money by selling them through sites for showcasing stock videos and photos.

There is great demand for stock photos and videos from all niches. You can earn a lot of money if you make videos in nature and travel niches.

Here is a great video breaking down some more proven tips.

How to earn money vlogging parting note

So we’ve listed both the traditional and innovative ways for making money from YouTube vlogging. These include both direct and indirect strategies to earn cash from Youtube.

But before you start earning anything from your Youtube channel, a lot of hard work and homework has to go into the making of content and promotion of videos.

Making money from YouTube is not difficult once all things fall into place. But,  the initial work is important.

Here are a few key things you should remember on a YouTube vlogging parting note.

  • Research, research, and research! There is no substitute for good content for making your channel stand out and increase your followers. Read up as much as you can on your niche, and check out the YouTube videos of your competitors to see how you can diversify your subject matter and offer something new to the audience.
  • Don’t waste your time making random videos! It’s super easy to fall into the trap of making random videos, especially if you are enjoying the process. But, the Youtube algorithm doesn’t like random videos, and you will have a hard time getting followers. Post consistently in one area; the Youtube algorithm will reward you for that.
  • Post unique content. There are many Youtube videos on millions of subjects. You must make unique content if you want your video to be a hit. Nobody has the time to see and hear what is already there all over the place. Read widely on your niche and then start posting original content. Realize your USP and then give a unique angle to your vlog.
  • Use storytelling. Make your video appealing by adopting the storytelling style. Your audience will connect more if you keep the style conversational and share real-life experiences. If your video is too formal, the audience won’t be able to relate. Remember that on Youtube, people are looking for friendly exports. They don’t want to hear someone talking like a school teacher or a university professor!
  • Understand your audience. Understanding your audience and  making the kind of videos they anticipate is the key to creating quality content on Youtube. You must have a defined target audience in mind. Spend some time researching the market for your niche. For example, if your niche is tech, you have to ask yourself what kind of people would be interested in watching tech videos. What age group are you targeting? Are you targeting an audience in a particular geographical location or people from all over the world?
  • Never give up. Not giving up is the key to creating quality content on Youtube and generating income. When you see your favorite YouTubers make so much money with their videos, you get carried away in thinking they were just lucky and it all happened overnight. You have heard their success stories, but you don’t know about the years of toil and hard work behind that success. Do not get disheartened if you don’t get thousands of followers within months of starting your channel. Just keep going, make quality content, and you’ll get there soon.
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